Step into a journey towards a better health & life that you truly enjoy. Choose to join group classes & courses, private sessions customized for you or a wellness programme for employees.

In 2023 Yinful travels and you can join for a hiking & yin yoga trip on the island Santa Maria, Azores. 


Practicing Yin Yoga  made me feel much better.

I wish you the same, Mieke.

"let  me  help  you  feel better"


Group Courses & Sessions

Treat yourself to a transforming Yin course or a deeply relaxing Yin session.  Both are mindful, slow-pace, suitable for all levels & bodies. Learning to adapt your practice to your needs and incorporating healthy habits are key in my work. 

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Yinful travels

Yinful travels is created out of a big wish to build bridges between people around the world, to be a scaffold for people to take a step towards new experiences & at the same time taking care of our planet and it's people supporting local initiatives.

Yoga at Home

Private Yin

Increase your wellbeing and reach life-objectives. I can help with; a customized practice to support challenges in your health and life; incorporating strategies for stress management and development of long lasting healthy habits.

Fragile Pampas

Yin at Work

Incorporating revitalizing breaks, healthy habits and simple tools how to handle stressors at work pays off. Increase wellbeing & productivity at the workspace and reduce absenteeism with a wellness programme for employees.

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kind words

"I am so grateful to Mieke for her beautiful Yin yoga classes. It has been such a blessing to be guided by her and I love that she starts the classes with a meditation. The whole class feels so perfectly paced that I don’t feel the time pass and I feel a wonderful feeling of peace and happiness after her classes. Thank you so much Mieke for sharing your beautiful energy and kindness.”

- From Amanda

updates  from  me

Couple Meditating on the Beach


Wednesdays evening Yin 20.30-21.30 at www.yogaground.nl

 Tursdays & Fridays 

Mylife aan de Maas

Couple Meditating on the Beach


In September 12 weeks shoulder & back course in a small group with personal attention. I offer a sliding scale for course. 

Dutch & English.


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