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Increase wellbeing at the workspace

Providing yourself or your employees with the tools to restore and relax during breaks & at the end of the workday will help to decompress from the stressors of the workspace. Build up tensions do not get the opportunity to accumulate. Disease and burn-out can be prevented.

This programme includes training of awareness noticing the influence of stress on wellbeing and how to handle tension throughout the day in body and mind. We use mindfulness exercises to calm the mind, combined with fascial release techniques & postures for the upper body to release for example tight shoulders and necks.

Corporate Yin

Investing in wellbeing of employees pays off. Make their physical and mental health priority. Revitalizing Yin Yoga sessions provide vital benefits for the physical and mental wellness of your team. Working from home has now become a new standard. The abrupt change brings new challenges for employees. Supporting them to adapt and integrate long lasting healthy habits into their daily routine is the perfect timing.

Yoga Class

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The body and modern lifestyle


We spend hours typing away, looking at a screen and repeating motions over and over.  Often without taking a proper break. A fairly new situation to adapt to, because the human body was designed for movement.

When we sit for a long time, it is normal if you start to feel stiff, experience neck, shoulder or back pain. The eyes and brain can get overworked by the constant flow of information and looking at a screen.


Now employees work from home and their workspace conditions changed. This brings extra stressors that affect their mental & physical health. We can’t always do much to avoid stressors and excess sitting, but we can add some daily routines that help us to feel better during a day at work.

Benefits of Yin Yoga at work

Increases stress management

Increases physical & mental health

Reduces absenteeism

Increases productivity

Increases positive teamspirit