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Everybody should feel well. Nowadays many people do not. They experience pain in their body & chaos in their mind. Recovering from a burn-out I discovered Mindfulness, Yin Yoga & Fascial release techniques. I experienced what a powerful healing tool these practices can be.

Ever since I like to share my knowledge & experience with others.


I like to see people feeling well and thriving.

Through Yin Yoga, Facial release techniques & Mindfulness I guide people to increase self-awareness, to reconnect with themselves, release tensions, so body and mind revitalize. In this way balance can be restored. I love to see my students deeply relaxed and nourished after a session. They feel more in tune with themselves, ready to make the best out of their life.


My teachings are based on my own lifelong experiences with personal development, my experiences as a social worker & teacher, my study of Trauma informed Yin Fascial Yoga at the school of Dynamic Spiral Fascial Yoga from Beta Lisboa; Yin Yoga therapy study at the Body-Mind-Soul Centre from Alexandra Denkinger, the Rise & Shine Yoga & Awareness school of Kata van Doeselaar and the mindfulness school of Nadia Bertelli


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Mindful Yin Yoga & dynamics of daily life

How we feel in the body and mind fluctuates. The physical activities we do or not do, can make our body stiff and sore. Emotions, when unsolved, get stuck in the body. They also can manifest as pain and blockages, like knots in our shoulders, sore necks, tight hips and other internal pains. Accumulated stress, when not released, makes us feel unwell and is a playground for diseases.  


A Mindful Yin Yoga practice encourages to become more aware of how dynamics of life affect our body & mind, and provides us the skills to release stress & overwhelm. Recognizing better what is going on within, we can release tension before it accumulates and causes illness. My passion is to support others to integrate long lasting healthy habits based on Mindfulness & Yin Yoga Fascial release techniques. To empower others to live their happiest & healthiest life is the aim of all my work. 


Mindful Yin Yoga is for every body

It does not matter at all what your starting point is,

how you emotionally feel, what is going on in your mind or how stiff or flexible the state of your body is.


The practice can be adapted to benefit people from all ages, from the young and fit, to elders with the challenges of ageing, and everyone in between.


I guide you to explore your needs and adapt the practice to your body’s anatomy. We use props, like pillows, blocks and bolsters to adapt each asana to your needs.

Read more about Yin Yoga & my own journey practicing Yin Yoga in my blog.