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Yin Yoga - Nature - Hiking 

Treat yourself on a journey to discover a new part of the world,

leave daily life behind & get immersed in beautiful nature.

You enjoy Yinful travels if you can answer yes to the following questions:

Do you enjoy hiking & Yin Yoga?

Are you longing to travel slow, to open all your senses & to loose sense of time?

Do you have the desire to immerse in nature & discover remote places?

You wish to support small sustainable initiatives? 

Slow & Mindful 

Yinful travels stands for a way of traveling that is slow enough to open all your senses,

to be in the present moment & truly enjoy the experience. Hiking is a great way to travel slow, slow enough to connect & feel your surroundings. Yin Yoga sessions provide you with the opportunity to reconnect with yourself, to allow yourself to fully relax & be present. 


yinful  travels

Image by Gaël Gaborel

With love for the planet and it's people


 I feel grateful for having been able to experience so many beautiful places, different cultures & to have met many inspiring people. For me, traveling is the most moving, rejuvenating & inspiring experience that exists in life. It is also feels like a playground to step out of my comfort zone and grow as a person. I can not imagine myself a life without traveling.


Yinful travels are created out of a big wish to build bridges between people around the word, to be a scaffold for people to take a step towards new experiences & at the same time taking care of the planet and it's people, supporting local sustainable initiatives.

Sustainable travel

 Prioritizing sustainable travel & experiences shapes the tours I offer.


Local partners as hotels & restaurants need to work conscious towards a more sustainable way of doing business to be selected as a partner. 


To be able to travel more sustainable, we need to travel slow. Therefore Yinful trips  stay longer at one place & mainly use our human power, our feet to move around. At the same time this means that we have more time to connect to the places we visit, to open our senses to our surroundings, having a more profound experience. Also this adds up to a more sustainable way of traveling.

Further more the description of each trip will show you more detailed how we join forces to create a sustainable travel experience. 

Core ingredients of Yinful travels

Revitalize with a combination of hiking, Yin Yoga & meditation

Immerse in nature, explore remote places

Use & strengthen your own power

Slow down, reconnect with yourself & your surroundings

Experience a conscious way of traveling 

Support sustainable local business

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