The body keeps the score

The body keeps the score of long times living and dealing with unsolved stressors (van der Kolk, 2014). Like the unusual situation we are living in right now, where levels of uncertainty & anxiety are elevated. This can cause high levels of stress in the body.

How do we tell our body that no tiger is lurking around the corner?

The body does not know what is our reality. We unconsciously contract our tissues in response to stress, physical, psychological & emotional stressors. I we are experiencing stress for a extended period of time, we can "forget" how to relax (Myers 2012).

That means that even though maybe you are safe at home, our body can stay constantly in stress mode. Our tissues stay in contracted state even though the stressors are not present any more.

If we do not take care of stress, it accumulates, we start to feel off, dissociated and can develop all kinds of diseases caused by dysfunction of our body systems.

We need to create the opportunity for the body to feel safe, to calm down the nervous system in order to release stress stored in our body. Grounding is a way to create that safety (van der Kolk, 2014). To connect with the present moment, to know what is happening around and within us. Yin Yoga and Fascial release techniques are healing tools that help to ground, and release stress & trauma.

When you work with me, with intention and attention, we create a situation in which you emotionally & physically feel safe. We create space in the nervous system. The body then receives the message that no danger is lurking and activates the parasympathetic nervous system. In this mode our body is in rest mode, the reason why you will feel relaxed or even sleepy after a Mindful Yin session.

The rest mode is where the magic can happen, conditions are created to release deeply held tension in the body & mind. We apply fascial release techniques to invite certain areas in the body to open up, to hydrate & release tension, to regain flexibility & mobility. Inviting the body to restore, to return to it´s natural state of being when no tiger is lurking around the corner, relaxed.

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