A programme to support employees to tackle the challenges of working from home

Incorporating revitalizing breaks, healthy habits and simple tools how to handle stressors at work pays off. Increase wellbeing & productivity at the workspace and reduce absenteeism with a wellness programme for employees.

6 Weeks online empowering self-care programme,

more stretch, less stress

Because everybody deserves

to feel well.

6x 90min Mindful Yin after work sessions


6x60min Yin lunchbreak session

If you have specific health challenges you can add up 3x 45min individual empowering

self-care coaching sessions.

This programme is designed especially for people who need to sit a lot for their work. During 6 weeks you receive support to take care of your mind & body during your day at work. We use mindfulness to enhance awareness of your response to stressors at work. You learn how to apply yin yoga & fascial release techniques to calm down your nervous system & release tensions from the body.

If you include individual sessions in your programme, you also get support to integrate newly learned tools at your workspace. We will work together to implement long lasting healthy habits that work for you.

I provide you:

  1. The opportunity to create more awareness of how dynamics of daily life affect your body & mind.

  2. Understanding of how stress accumulates in the body & mind and how it can be released.

  3. Tools & techniques to release stress & to build resilience. 

  4. Guidance to integrate new tools at the workspace and in daily life.

Group sessions

Relax & restore your body & mind. I provide you with a soft mindful practice that will allow you to disconnect from work. It helps to calm your mind, your nervous system and creates the opportunity to release build up tensions in the body. We start with a meditation to reconnect with your body. The practice continues with postures that help to release tensions from the upper body - neck, chest, shoulders, back & lower back. Unique for these sessions is that you mostly do not need to look at your screen to be able to follow the session. You will receive instructions in such way that you also get a break from your screen.

Individual coaching sessions

I can help customizing a practice to support challenges in your health at work. We work towards incorporating strategies for stress management and development of long lasting healthy habits that work for you.

Our body keeps the score of our modern lifestyle. When we sit for a long time, it is normal if you start to feel stiff, experience neck, shoulder or back pain. The eyes and brain can get overworked by the constant flow of information and looking at a screen. Now employees work from home and their workspace conditions changed. This brings extra stressors that affect their mental & physical health. We can easily start to feel overwhelmed in this situation and start to develop disease when stress accumulates in body & mind. We can’t always do much to avoid stressors and excess sitting, but we can add some daily routines that help us to feel better during a day at work.

For individual bookings the next starting date is mid June.

Programme can be customized if booked for a private group, service can be offered in Dutch & English.

Contact me to plan your course. I am looking forward to support you towards a better health.

miekeyinyoga@gmail.com\+31 628 024 251