Yin Yoga - Mylife aan de Maas Rotterdam

Thursdays 20.00 & Fridays 09.30

  • 1 hour
  • booked at Mylife
  • Mylife Rotterdam

Service Description

Look forward to a slow-pace mindful practice to softly release tension in the connective tissues in order to let go, relax and restore balance in body & mind. While observing & stretching the body you improve self-awareness, calm down the nervous system & hydrate your tissues to maintain your flexibility. We start each session with a short meditation that allows us to tune in to ourselves. We continue the practicing asanas that we hold 2-5 minutes, creating an opportunity to release tension in body & mind. Practicing Mindful Yin Yoga with me provides you: ⭐️ A way to invite yourself to calm down your nervous system & fully relax. ⭐️ With a constructive way to strengthen the connection between body & mind. ⭐️ An opportunity to hydrate your tissues, regaining flexibility & mobility. ⭐️ The opportunity to create more awareness of how dynamics of daily life affect your body & mind. ⭐️A better understanding of how stress accumulates in the body & mind and how it can be released. The practice can be adapted to benefit people from all ages, from the young and fit, to elders with the challenges of ageing, and everyone in between. I guide you to explore your needs and adapt the practice to your body´s anatomy. We use props, like pillows, blocks and bolsters to adapt each asana to your needs. What to bring: a sweater, socks & yourself. Please be aware that this service needs to be booked at Mylife Rotterdam, Maaskade

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