6 Week Online Yin after work sessions

Release & relax after work, start your evening in a bliss.

  • Starts 24 Jun
  • 110 euros
  • Online

Service Description

Yin after work sessions Relax & restore your body & after work, to start your evening in a bliss, feeling well. I provide you with mindful yin practice that will allow you to disconnect from work. It helps to calm your nervous system and creates the opportunity to release build up tensions in the body. We start with a meditation to reconnect with your body. The practice continues with postures that help to release tensions from the upper body - neck, chest, shoulders, back & lower back. 6 pack online Yin after work sessions ~ 6x 90 min Yin group-sessions   ~ 30 min private Yin-talk ~ your welcome to send me your personal requests for each session in case of special needs This course provides support to take care of your mind & body. We use mindfulness to enhance awareness of your response to stressors in daily life. You learn how to apply yin fascial release techniques to calm down your nervous system & release tensions from the body. The 30 min private session is there for you to ask your personal questions about your Yin practice & how Yin Yoga can support you with your health challenges. I provide you: ~ With the opportunity to create more awareness of how dynamics of daily life affect your body & mind. ~ Understanding of how stress accumulates in the body & mind and how it can be released. ~ Tools & techniques to release stress & to build resilience.  Our body keeps the score of our modern lifestyle. When we sit for a long time, it is normal if you start to feel stiff, experience neck, shoulder or back pain. The eyes and brain can get overworked by the constant flow of information and looking at a screen. Now people work from home and their workspace conditions changed. This brings extra stressors that affect their mental & physical health. We can easily start to feel overwhelmed in this situation and start to develop disease when stress accumulates in body & mind. We can’t always do much to avoid stressors and excess sitting, but we can add some daily routines that help us to feel better. Maximum amount of participants 10

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Cancellation Policy

Bookings can not be canceled, but you are welcome to pass your spot on to somebody else. If you are doing on online programme you will receive a recorded class if you are not able to attend the live session.