Your body has a huge capacity to restore & heal

Many years ago I had a frozen shoulder, chronic pain. Physiotherapy helped me to release the worst pain & tension. But for some years I felt really disabled.

I was not able to run, cycle, walk & carry a simple backpack without pain. Working behind a desk was possible for 10min. I could not do the outdoor activities that make me feel light and joyful. My life became a bit cloudy.

It was only when I started to practice Yin Yoga frequently when things started to change. I got my full mobility back & I can do all the things I love to do again! Without pain!

I hope that others do not need to suffer that much as I did. Please don't accept the idea that pain belongs to your day at work or your life in general.

Your body has a huge capacity to heal & restore and many times this will happen. Even if we did not treat our body to well for an extended amount of time. That is pretty amazing.

I can't promise to cure your shoulder or backpain or a quick fix. I have truly seen many people benefit very much from Yin practices.

You are always welcome to reach out to me & we can see how I can support you.

Because everybody deserves to feel well!

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