Yinful steps

Each step we take reveals a new horizon.

I remember somebody saying "I am always curious about what lays around the next corner".

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed or exhausted with all the things that we have to do to adapt to new situations, to make things better, that we forget that every step we take is a big thing. We may not feel better instantly, but...

Did you know that if you would pay more attention to small successes your mind & body respond to that?

Your body systems will respond positively to your celebration of small success, understanding better, embodying that you are on the right track.

A good reason to pay more attention to the journey, be grateful for every small step you make in the direction you wish to go!

It is really interesting to learn how we can use our brain to interact better with our body and help ourselves to change & heal, getting aware of the endless opportunities life provides us with. We only need to be open to listen, learn & take new steps.

Enjoy the journey!