Becoming more resourceful

How do we navigate in a constantly changing & challenging environment that might not be your natural habitat?

Many people nowadays walk around with chaos in their minds & stress in their bodies. We stay dissociated from our bodies because we lack the recourse to feel, to connect, to transform our observations in helpful actions.

We tend to walk around with the attitude that we should be able to do this or that like all the others. The need to fit in to a system, organisation etcetera, ignoring the signals our body & mind our sending out to us.

Physical and mental diseases arise from unseen, unprocessed and stored emotions hidden in our tissues. They accumulate and come to the surface as chronic pain, sickness, and even severe disease. The longer we avoid them, the more chronic they get. We dissociate from ourselves. The more normal that becomes for your body system, the more destructive it gets.

Out of the sudden we collapse, get sick, burned-out, and we have no clue how we got there. We hope that someone will fix our body, as though it is some kind of machine that broke down. Doing this we give our power away, we become helpless. Victims of a modern world that essentially we created to have more comfort.

In a world that is ruled by the mind it is a challenge to be in contact with your body. Therefore, I find it pretty obvious that for example as we work a lot behind a desk sitting perceiving loads of information by a screen we loose track of ourselves.

It means that we need new skills and recourses to take care of ourselves to regain our power. To learn to be able to be you, in a system that does not naturally feels welcoming for you as a human being.

It is not so difficult to become more resourceful. There is much more information available to understand the interaction between our environment, body & mind, then 20 years ago. I see that the people I work with quickly understand the techniques I teach them, because they are fairly simple. The most difficult part is to listen, to be willing to create space and time to take care of yourself. To integrate your resources, to change & follow up with yourself, needs consistency.

By doing so, enhances that feeling well, becomes your priority instead of being productive and efficient for your environment. It is a significant change of mindset, a different attitude towards life, towards oneself to change neurological pathways, habits & behaviours.

In the beginning it could feel scary, because in a way it is easier to live with your mind. Navigating with your mind gives the illusion that you are in control.. until you collapse.

It is an illusion that taking care of yourself first makes you less useful or productive for your environment, your community, family or at work. On the long term it pays off because you will be more productive, less absent, more healthy & in a positive mood.

When everybody feels well, everybody will thrive, can you imagine how that would be?

Go for it, you deserve it, everybody deserves to feel well!